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Feb ( Or, as we like to call it around here, March..)

Here’s a great recipe I’ve adapted from the most excellent book, and I’d recommend it, Divine Vegan Desserts by Lisa Fabry. This book is an absolute favourite of mine. It’s a collection of vegan desserts being produced around the world and the recipes are from cafes and restaurants all over.  Just ace….

So, many of you have eaten and enjoyed our key Lime pie? Here is the recipe. It’s Raw ( rarh! riot!) and vegan… how good is that?

Key Lime Pie



2 cups nuts ( I use what I have, cashews, brazils, walnuts, hazelnuts)

1 cup dessicated coconut

1 cup pitted dates ( get the gooey, sticky ones. Arjuna do them)


1 and 1/2 cups cashews soaked overnight ( or cheat and soak in warm water for 2 – 3 hrs)

2 ripe haz avocados

2/3 cup agave syrup

2 teaspoon lime zest

1 and 1/3 cups lime juice

2/3 cup of coconut oil


Right then, there’s no getting round it – unless you want to pound nuts like an Amazonian, you’re going to need a decent blender. Blend up all the base ingredients into a sticky mess. Yep! that’s it – stage one done. Press into a flan case ( 12″).

Next, Drain the water from the cashews and yep, blend all the other ingredients.

Spoon and smooth onto base. Decorate. Refrigerate til firm (Innuendo cook – title of my next album!)



We’d like to start sharing our recipes, so here’s a recipe for a dish we did for a COFCO and Cambridge Sustainable Food City party back in November. Easy and yummy and possible to source all the ingredients locally. Let us know what you think and do post any findings or observations or new twists you may discover. ENJOY!

Winter veg smoked hotpot with black badger beans, sausage and dumplings

A little or a lot of yummy olive oil. I always start with the bottom of the pan generously covered but I do understand it’s not for everyone… not sure why cos it’s the best!!

1 onion

6 cloves garlic

1 thumb size piece of ginger

2 teaspoons of smoked sweet paprika

Herbs. I have a big rosemary branch that Liz brought to us earlier in the year which we dried and I unhook and sprinkle in, or a bunch of fresh thyme or dried herbe de province will do. A teaspoon or two of dried herbs is enough.

1 leek

2 carrots

750g – 1kg of winter veg ( I like to add some parsnips for their amazing sweetness, carrots, squash, potatoes, swede….)

100g of dried black badger peas, soaked over night and cooked as per instructions on packet. If not you can use a tin of any type of beans you fancy. You can get locally grown beans from Hodmedods.

3 sausages, or more if you like… I prefer the delicious viana real jumbos, mild smoked veggie hot dogs, bit expensive but yummy, or fry’s sausages, or any sausage type you prefer The jumbos don’t need cooking; the fry’s do. Slice into half inch rounds/ slices.

Stock (vegan bouillion is my favourite) – enough to just cover the veg.

Dumplings… add any type of herb including fresh parsley for herby dumplings

225g self raising flour

110g veg suet or 110g margarine

salt and pepper

What to do with all the ingredients..

  1. On a low heat gently fry the onion, finely chopped garlic and ginger, herbs and paprika, until the onion is translucent.
  2. Add the other veg. I like to cut the carrots in a chefly way! – but don’t worry, cut it all into chunks and chuck it in the pan. Pour in enough stock to cover and simmer on a slow heat until the veg is just starting to go soft.
  3. Add the beans and sausages
  4. Squeeze some lemon juice over the top to taste and adjust salt and pepper to taste too.
  5. Mix the flour and suet with the salt and pepper and herbs if you are using them and add about 12 tbsp of water until you have a sticky dough. If using margarine, rub the marg into the flour as you would for pastry and then add the water.
  6. Drop spoonfuls or little balls of dough into the hotpot mix. You should get about 12 dumplings. Cook over a gentle heat for 12mins. If, like me, you like the dumplings slightly browned, put the pan under a grill or in the oven until the tops of the dumplings are golden. Obviously don’t do this if your pan has plastic handles cos that’d be daft!!

7.Serve with winter greens and mashed potato, or try with some yummy bread (have you tried Bread on a Bike? If you live in Cambridge Alison will deliver weekly amazing sourdoughs!)

Freezes well so make a load!


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